Rolling Acres Memorial Gardens (Pet Cemetery) is the pet cemetery that we recommend. They offer a wide range of services from individual cremation to private funerals for your pet. We will work together with you and them to make sure that your last wishes for your pet are taken care of. They are located in a beautiful part of southern Platte County and it is a good idea to go visit them before you need their services. That way you will have some idea what your options are before them you need. The Bleish family had a private ceremony and beautiful pink casket for their favorite family cat Bif. They also have chosen cremation for another personal pet named Jack. Dr. Bleish and his family think very highly of the staff at Rolling Acres and think that you will be satisfied with their services as well.

For more information you can check out their website at or call them at 816-891-8888 or fax at 816-891-8781.