Boarding guests may arrive between 7:30 AM and 6:00 PM Monday through Friday and 8:00 AM and 12:00 noon Saturday at the Taylor Animal Hospital of Parkville. Our fees are by the night, just like a hotel, not by the day, like many other boarding and pet lodging facilities.

We provide the following services for your pets while they are our guests. Proper nutrition is important while your pet is away from home and that is while we feed Hill’s Science Diet and Prescription Diets, if your pet has special dietary needs let us know. Also, if an owner chooses, he can bring in a different food for his pet, which we will gladly use.

Why should you board your pet with us instead of some where else?

  • We love your pets like they are our own!
  • We are a veterinary hospital so if your pet needs medical attention he/she can get it while you are away.
  • We have staff that are hired and trained specifically to work with our boarding guests.
  • “Boarding Reservations” are easy to make. Make them by calling 816-741-8338, or by stopping in.
  • We offer climate controlled indoor boarding.
  • Our standard fee includes 2 daily individual leash “hand walkings” to a play area. This way they get some personal “human bonding time”, some fresh air, and keep their potty training habits intact. The staff is able to observe each animal walk, play, urinate, defecate, etc. to watch for any abnormalities which allows for us to react immediately if necessary.
  • Each pet has their own boarding space or run so that their food and water intake can be monitored, their safety should be secured, and any sign of illness or change in appetite should be caught immediately.
  • We have pets who stay with us just for a day and we have had pets stay with us for months while their owners are out of the country.
  • We have strict rules regarding vaccinations, worming and flea and tick control in our boarding facility – that is for the safety of your pets, our staff and your family when your pet goes home. If your pet has had these services at another clinic just bring in the information with you or give us their telephone number and your permission to get your pet’s medical records and we will update your pet’s record at our hospital. If your pet is in need of vaccinations, flea treatment or heartworm check/treatment, we will let you know. If you proof of current vaccinations cannot be found before you arrive at the clinic, vaccinations will be given once your pet arrives at the clinic. If there is evidence of intestinal worms or fleas, we will treat for those, and it will be added to your invoice.
  • We can provide other services for your pet while he/she is boarding. Everything from vaccinations, to nail trims, to spay/neuter surgeries to teeth cleanings – just let us know when you call to make your reservation. When you come in to drop your pet off please fill in a “request for services form” and we will gladly take care of these services and gather up any products that you need before you come back to pick up your pet.
  • Dogs are given a special “boarding guest bath” before they leave – they are bathed and brushed (15 minutes included) at a greatly reduced priced before they go home. You can request additional brushing time.
  • Dogs are sent home on a hospital leash with a seasonally appropriate bandana and cats can have a bandana too! We strongly recommend that your kittens and cats travel best in a cat carrier. The cardboard carriers that we sell for less than $10.00 last for years! They are a great investment! Our staff have some that have last longer through more than one pet. It really provides a safer environment for the cat and the driver on the way home.
  • And the main reason you should let your pet be “our guest” is because we give them LOTS OF TLC!
  • If you bring special food or treats, please put them in zip lock bags (marked with the pet’s name and your last name) with the days and time(s) of day you want us to feed them to your pet. That way we can keep your pet on the proper schedule.

If you would like to make boarding reservations call us at 816-741-8338. Thank you.

FYI: Our front office is closed on Sunday and major holidays including New Years Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day. Even though boarding pets are cared for on these days, they will not be admitted or released, as we do not have front office hours on these major holidays, to allow our staff to have some time with their families.